MAR-001.00002 - RA-32293

Part Number:169
  • has no affiliation with the original equipment manufacturer. The part numbers displayed are for reference purposes only.
Every part of this assembly will work as intended, no need to mix and match parts that may or may not work together. There have been several transfer cylinder designs over the years so Marathon Parts is providing a trouble free assembly ready to use.

Requires additional packaging to ensure a safe delivery.

This assembly includes:
Transfer cylinder with alignment pins and valve plate. (see RA-32293)
Valve seals/Gasket pair. (see RA-32311/RA-32312, sold as a pair)
Transfer Cylinder Shells. (see RA-32291 and RA-32292)
Patch Knife. (see RA-30886)
Vacuum Bar. (see RA-31670)

For a detailed drawing of this assembly CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF then save on your computer of print for future reference.

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