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This vacuum table assembly is an earlier version with one piece shafts. To change the belts the entire vacuum table assembly must be removed. Check the other versions of the vacuum table below to ensure you will receive the correct parts.

The 2 other versions of this assembly are below. simply CLICK on the assembly number to get more detail and drawings.

SA-RA-3160 WITH COUPLERS, This is the original assembly where the entire vacuum table assembly must be removed to change the belts.

SA-RA-3160 WITHOUT THE BEARING HOUSING. This assembly has no bearing housing and uses the original single bearing setup to support the stub shaft with gear.

For a detailed drawing of the Vacuum Table Assembly without couplers, SA-RA-3160 WITHOUT COUPLERS, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF then save to your computer or print for reference.

An update kit is available to convert this vacuum assembly to have couplers and easy access to the belts.

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